Government Shut Down Lending Solutions Peer-To-Peer Lending 99.9% Approved Personal Loans " No Credit Required"




MKG Money Service Business  P2P Lending makes it easy to fund a low interest loan for your personal needs by borrowing small amounts from friends, family and community.


You can use your tax refund to repay your family, friends and community.


YOU CHOOSE YOUR TERMS With MKG Money Service Business you choose the terms so you know the loan will fit your needs.


EASILY RAISE AND REPAY MONEY Pledging support is fast, seamless and all done online. Repaying is automatic - BUILD A SUPPORT GROUP


Applying for a personal loan is tough and requires good credit. You can do it with a little help from your friends.






Who sets the terms of your MKG Money Service Business P2P loan?

You choose the most important terms of your loan: size, term to maturity and interest rate.


Size $225 TO $5,000



Interest Rate 0 - 8%

All other terms are standard.



Repayment MONTHLY

Loan Agreement STANDARD

Prepayment Penalty NONE



The main purpose of a P2P loan is to fill in gaps where other loans will not meet a clients needs. Most personal loans require good credit and a solid asset base in order to be approved. A individual that has recently defaulted on a payday loan or suffered losses in a lawsuit, bankruptcy,  FICO score below 500 for example, will have difficulty meeting these requirements. 



MKG Enterprises Corp. account handling fee $0.00-$9.99 


Call 866-675-3933


Get Started Today!


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Get Started Today!


1 Open your Self-Directed Account (Traditional, Roth, SEP IRA, HSA).
2 Fund the account with a rollover, a transfer, and/or a contribution.
3 Choose an investment and complete the transaction with your IRA funds.


Fee Example: Purchase a portfolio of 4 loans for a total of 25,000
  • 50 Application Fee to open your IRA

  • Free incoming rollover, transfer, and/or contribution

  • 95 Transaction Fee (per purchase/sale/exchange of any asset except real estate)

  • 5 Check Fee (fee to send IRA funds to the company)

  • 250/year Annual Fee for ongoing administration (using Option #2 on the fee schedule)

Approximate first year total fees: 400
Approximate following years: 250


Processing times can take up to 2-3 weeks to approve depending on your type of income received.


California loans are made pursuant to MKG Money Service Business, Cash Advance Short Term Repayment Option Lender California Department of Business Oversight Finance Lenders Law License  60DBO-45224  


Private Lending:


New Direction IRA offers competitive fees no matter what assets you choose. We realize that IRAs may have few high value assets or they may have many assets of lesser average value. We created an annual fee schedule to satisfy either IRA structure. Additionally, you can change your schedule if the structure of your IRA changes.


Option 1:
295 per asset, per year*

1 asset = 295 per year
2 assets = 590 per year
3 assets = 885 per year
...and so on.


Leveraged assets

1 asset with 1 mortgage = 490 per year
2 assets with 2 mortgages = 980 per year
3 assets with 3 mortgages = 1,470 per year
...and so on.


*Annual fee is charged when you purchase an asset and annually on the anniversary month of the first asset purchased in your account thereafter. Mortgages used to purchase real estate are considered a separate asset. The annual fee charged for a mortgage is 195 per year.


Option 2:
Based on the VALUE of the account*

Account value:                      Annual fee:

0 - 14,999.99                             $195

15,000 - 29,999.99                    $250

30,000 - 44,999.99                    $325

45,000 - 59,999.99                    $375

60,000 - 89,999.99                    $450

90,000 - 124,999.99                  $525

125,000 - 249,999.99                $650

250,000 - 499,999.99                $775

500,000 - 749,999.99               $1500


*Annual fee is charged when you purchase an asset and semi-annually thereafter.



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